Okay well first off i've began jamming with other musicians but the problem is scales! How do i go about learning them, playing them and other things about scales. Which ones should i learn? Oh btw im into punk and metal and metalcore if that helps any.

Thanks in advance
You should learn every scale that you can get your hands on, all scales are very useful for every different kind of music. But if you would have to know one scale, it's probably the Pentatonic scale.
Start with major, there's a lot of lessons on scales on this site. I'd love to explain but if you still ask "which one's do I have to learn" you don't understand one thing about theory yet so it won't be very helpful if I type everything out.

UGIM me if you need any help though
Learn e-minor first, and learn to play it all over the guitar, and that will cover alot for you in metal. Just learn a major and minor scale somewhere on the neck, then learn to move the pattern up and down to change keys. Pay attention to the fact that moving up 12 frets is an octave up. You'll eventually add more patterns so you can find better positions to play certain progressions of notes. But start with just one major and one minor scale and when you feel comfortable with it, move it around.

And for the minor, I really would start with e-minor, unless of course you play in drop d in which case i would start with d-minor.
Scales are the theoretical chains that hold music together when playing together. playing in the same key allows you to use relevant notes from scales in that key to build on to the other musician's playing

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I suggest you learn the pentatoni scale in all five positions first, because then if you add a flat fifth, you suddently have the blues scale, og if you add the 2nd and 6th(dont hit me if im wrong, im too lazy to check it out) you have the major/minor(depending on which postition) scale.

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well personally i think that the G major scale is a good one to start with so yea the E minor would work, otherwise if your into metal maybe you might wanna try learning the general shape of the harmonic minor or maybe the locrian scales and the spanish gypse scale is also good for it or the byzantine scale is one of my favorites for metal as well, eventually its prolly best to learn them all even though its a pretty tedious task
Learn the major and minor scales. Those two scales will allow you to play just about all the genres. Contrary to popular belief scales aren't that important to the overall sound, and you definitely do not need to know all these exotic scales, since you nearly never will have to play them. Alot of people want to learn many scales as a way to show off their knowledge.
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