My band has been offered a lot more gigs mostly independent so we cant go on using the main acts backline anymore

So does anyone reccomend an amp powerful enough get for pubs and clubs?
I was thinking Peavey Valveking 212
Marshall Mg100
If any of my choices are poor, please dont bite my head off (:

i wanna spend up to £350, £400 at a push.

On another note, I've been drooling over the Bugera V55 (55w of pure ass kicking power). What styles are you playing, the Bugera is great for blues, rock, and even some jazz.

EDIT: it runs in at $450ish (don't know the conversion to pounds)
You probably want a medium wattage tube amp so the valveking is an ok choice. Try to stay away from solid state for live performances and for the love of god stay away from marshall MGs
Yeahh i dont think solid states could really do the job. any other recomendations?
I play Metal and Rock just to let you know
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ive got a fender hot rod deville 212 and ive yet to play a room where i could crank it all the way.

its 60 watts, 2 12" speakers
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