Hey Pit, I've been a long-time lurker, and have posted about 3 times since joining, but now I approach you all asking for a massive favor!

I've seen threads like this in the pit before and they usually get a really good response, so now it's my turn to ask.

My band, Sarcastic Affection, have been entered into a competition for unsigned acts on Edinburgh Student Radio. Voting is done by email, and all i'm asking the pitmonkeys to do is send 1 email to vote for us.

To vote, just send an email saying 'DEMO 1' (without the quotation marks) to studio@freshair.org.uk just after 9pm UK time (i think that should be about 5pm at the bottom of UG)

You can hear our music at www.myspace.com/sarcasticaffection - It's old recording on there, but you'll get a feel for the music at least.

If you're interested, you can listen to the radio show at www.freshair.org.uk

Thanks in advance, Pit, I know you'll do me proud!!
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Sure i'll vote

I read that guys sig then I decided to listen to your band. "Burn it down", and "Everything" sound sorta the same. Seemed like it was the same song. "Dannielle's song" is actually very good.

Might vote if I'm not too lazy.
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Hey man, i'm a pretty big critic when it comes to music..i'm quite picky about generic sounds...but i gotta say, some of your vocal melodies are terrific..i was not expecting them whatsoever with the intro and all, which was pretty cool..it's not completely it's own original thing..but it's not generic sounding either..you guys got a good thing going, you just need to keep finding your sound and elaborate on what you've got. If i weren't so lazy i'd totally call in and vote for you.
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I'll vote for ya man. Good luck.
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Wow, thanks guys! This response is great!
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