well i got this strange prob that after i've been on the computer for like 1-2 hours, the audio just snaps and kinda lags... hard to explain but my sound just gets cut off from nowhere and then reapers but makes everything lagg. All kind of sound laggs along with all programs... what could i be?
Your inability to decide whether 'lag' has one 'g' or two.
For future reference, just one.
Could be overheating. Just restart the PC when it happens. bummer
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Could be something simple like your anti-virus's scheduled hardrive scan.

If not have a look at task manager (ctrl alt del), and processes. Click memory usage column to view the processes using most resources in order, and see if that gives it away.

My hunch is a virus scan, which you can easily ask to never come on, or you can just stop it and run it a different time.
this be no tech forum, young one.
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i do restart and it always says blabla fault encountered, press F1 to continue... it happens everyday! don't think it's overheating but its strange cuz it happens everyday... but i'll try virus scan
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