I currently own an Ibanez s5470 tks and im thinking of selling it and buying a john petrucci musicman. Shoud i do this?
What kind of music do you play?
What amp do you have?
Do you want a double-locking vibrato?
That depends entirely on whether you'd rather have a Music Man Petrucci than an Ibanez S5470.

There's no point even asking us this; we don't have your hands, so we don't know what feels best to you. First, try the Petrucci and see how the feel compares with your Ibanez. If you're still unsure as to which you prefer, consider whether you want the Ibanez's double locking vibrato or not. It's a process of elimination.

I would err on the side of not selling for financial reasons, but it's totally up for you. You probably shouldn't even be asking here; there are a lot of people who haven't tried both and will simply blindly reccomend their favourite, but most importantly none of them have tried both from your perspective, which is what counts.