I've got one of those digitech multi fx pedals and want to try it with my bass but don't know if it is bad for the amp or the pedal. does anybody know if it is ?
trying it out won't hurt anything. the distorted sounds wont cut well if you try to use them with a band.
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Yeah nothing will get damaged. You can get by fine with them if you are just messing around.

Just remember that bass specific pedals are made for a reason, they are made to sound good specifically with bass, guitar pedals are not.

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Isn't insane that terrible channel on line 6 spiders?
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i run a boss ds1 guitar distortion after an eq pedal. that fuzz tone is pretty much muse like. and it has plenty of lows, maybe you guys could try thins whit guitar pedals.
analouge effects FTW!!

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Isn't insane that terrible channel on line 6 spiders?

Exactly. I thought it made for an alright distorted wah effect on bass. Sounded cool with Becoming The Dragon tapping solo.
Doesnt hurt anything.

I use an old DOD 'Grunge' guitar disto pedal and I love the harsh fuzz it gives me
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