Hi there!

For college, I have to write a 2-minute Christmas song. It has to include-

minor key
some diatonic 7th chords
a "swing" feel during at leats one section

I've done the music, no problem. I stink at lyrics, whatever I come up with sounds real cheesey to me. Anyone fancy lending a hand?

The song is in A minor, moderate tempo

2 bars Amin7, 1 bar Fmaj7 and 1 bar Gmaj7 for the verse, played twice with a swing feel
1 bar Amin, 1 bar Fmaj, 1 bar Cmaj and 1 bar Gmaj for the chorus, played twice

Key Change-chorus

Not likely a contender for the no. 1 christmas single, but it'll do. I'd love any lines, or even ideas for lyrics