Well, I'm getting my first electric (MIM Fender Fat Strat) in a few days, however, I'm clueless as to what amp I'd be best suited with.

My budget is pretty limiting ($200) and I'd like to have a wide variety of tones/options to pick from. I'm not particularly concerned with having the 'perfect' sound (though I don't want a tone similar to what you'd get out of a subpar starter pack amp either). It will only be a bedroom practice amp, so I'm not concerned with wattage/volume/size.

My desires have pretty much pointed me into the realm of modelling amps (variety of sounds, not tone obsessed, and mostly inexpensive), but if there is some obvious choice that I'm overlooking, feel free to suggest it. However, even within the humongous selection of modelling amps, I'm far from sure what I should filter out and what I should consider.

I'll mostly be playing alt/grunge, SOME (very little) punk/pop punk, and occasionally classic/garage rock. I have no desire to play metal or the likes.

I do apologize for the cliche thread, don't kill me

To paraphrase:

Guitar: Fat Strat
Budget: $200-
Style: Alternative mostly.

What's a decent bedroom amp for me?

Thanks for the advice!
Vox AC4
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I actually was looking into a vypyr 30, but read somewhere that it's metal oriented? It's definitely an option though.
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peavy vypr

It will suite you for your needs.
You'll probably want a better tube amp later on though.
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vypyr i got one its great, great tone and distortion. need to know anything about them pm me.
ive heard that vox valvtronix are good as well
The vypyr is quite versatile actually. Using the Plexi "green" channel with the built in Tubescreamer gives a very nice crunch that is perfect for classic or alt-rock. Plus the clean tones are nice and sparkly.

BTW, the amp is great on it's own, but it just BEGS to be used with the Sanpera II footswitch.
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It will suite you for your needs.
You'll probably want a better tube amp later on though.

Oh definitely. It's just for "beginner" practicing's sake.

How does the vypyr respond to pedals? I've heard solid states aren't exactly best friends with pedals, but it's not a make or break for me, I'm just curious. I won't be getting many for awhile anyway.

Would a 15 watt Vypyr suffice for bedroom practice? I mean, it should, but are there any discernible differences?

As for the above poster who said AC4, I've heard good things about it, but I've also heard that it is not really versatile, and to be honest, I'm a settings abuser in the makings.
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If you don't find the Vypyr good enough (which is odd coz its the best amp in your budget), you can look at the Roland Cube 30x. It's also a really great amp.
Vox AC4
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Vibro Champ XD. Very good modeling tone and tube power section. I find the Vypyr mid gain tones a bit grainy. The FX section of the VCXD is not as flexible as the VYpyr. It has the basic reverb/delay/chorus/tremolo and they sound good. But the parameter setting is limited.
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Vyper is ok...... Sounds iffy but is versitile
Vibrochamp would be my choice,Great amp
Vox AC4 isn't that versitile but sounds great

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15 watt vypyr would be great for a bedroom and even that is pretty loud, i usually keep mine at 2 or 3 in my bedroom. it does have a good clean tone too with reverb on. you might have to play around with it to find your tone.
im not a tone king kinda guy, but when i looked and ask on here about these amps they kept changin my mind with their opinions!

so i say go try out and try the top amp choices( vypyr, cube) and play your guitar through it at ur local music store its worth it. GET WHAT YOU LIKE!
best of luck
dam, I also are in the same exact situation as OP, thanx for the thread and replies, will be looking at the vypyr and vox next time
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i like the vox vt better, but the vypyr is a great amp

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This threads 2 months old. That Kid Lucas n00b necro bumped it.

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