i got an ancient Sigma (Martins, now no-existant, cheaper models) acoustic guitar, it sounds absolutely great acoustic. It has a shadow pickup fitted in the soundhole which really isn't that great, only really picks up top 2 plain strings.
So im starting to play it alot more live and plugged in, mainly down to leading worship at church, and so would like to replace it with something new, possibly a piezo or under saddle design?

any suggestions??
LR baggs M1 active, paint the ugly face plate and its a fantstic pickup. if you dont mind having a soundhole pickup
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Looks good! Not cheap though, im happy to have a soundhole pickup as I have one now without any worries.

Are all half decent acousitc pickups this sort of price? or are there any cheaper ones which are any good?
Piezo pickups are great, but really hard to fit to a finished guitar, I reccomend getting a fairly decent Soundhole pickup (EMG Make nice durable ones)

I would personally get a magnetic one, just because the digital ones arent as reliable, and more than likley arent cheap. Also, get one that fits to the front of the soundhole, because generally, people strum at the back half of it, therefore the pickup will pick up on less picking/strumming noise.
Also, take it the **** Out if you Humidify. It will rust and die if you dont!
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