This is a song written a friend of mine, whom used to be in my old band. Did I make a mistake by leaving after hearing this song? :P

Lol. Uhm. This is, I'm guessing, Techincal Death / Prog Death Metal but I'm not sure. So we'll just call it that. I'll take all comments and questions and ideas and... anything that can help. And I will also comment back on your songs and give you a critique in return because I hate it when people don't comment back.

~C4C Thank You.
Tattered Skin.gp4
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There will be zero tolerance
For the creator of hallowed intentions
There will be zero tolerance
Fate is your deciding God
ok here we go
well the intro thing is quite good, i like that staccato feel and sounds cool.
later, the fast riff is ok, not much to say there
the following riff starts good, but the lead thing (bar 16) sounds a bit out of tempo, try to work it there.
try to make more than 12 semitones octaving, try also some other intervals.
IMO you need to redo the solo, it's sheer fret wanking and sounds off tune.
Let's say overall, a 6.5 by now. Polish it a bit and you can make something a lot better
Also the outro is just fine
Oh and add some BASS!
C4C please? http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/szekelymihai/music/all/play636094
1-5 is kind of interesting, but the drums really don't work at all. They're too much in the background and don't really do anything.

6-13 sounds pretty cool, kind of grim and maybe a bit gothenburg-ish, but the palm muting and triplet timing made it very awkward. For the most part I should think straight 16th notes without the palm muting would suffice.

14-16 is alright, but didn't really catch my attention or anything. It sounds awkward when it repeats.

Why do bars 17-19 not have drums?

20-29 is solid. Good stuff.

30-34 just kills the flow. Things were getting epic and then all of a sudden, nothing. It doesn't work.

35-43 sounds pretty cool. The timing on the solos seems a bit odd, to say the least, but whatever. I still don't like the palm muting triplets for the rhythm part though.

The rest of the song is repeated verbatim it seems, so idk. It should have a more climactic, epic sort of ending than just the boring intro riff.

There's some pretty darn cool parts, and then there are some pretty blah parts. Consistency would be nice.
Not a detailed crit but anyway.

All I have to say after listening to that is you should try working on your drums a bit. A lot of the guitar riffs are good/great but you need to work on your drums a bit.
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