So I am just about ready to start recording a song for an unnamed project with my band. I was wondering if anyone knew of a particular order taht is easiest to follow when recording. ex. Drums, then Guitar, Then bass etc. I'm not quite sure what the best apporach is. Thanks!
is the song already written? in that case, do a "orientation track" with vocals and guitar, doesn't matter if they're not recorded perfectly, but that way it's easiest to know where you are while playing.

Then drums, bass, the guitars, vocals and dubs.

This way you can EQ to make sure you're not messing with the other instrument's frequencies. the drums should come first since they have the broadest range of frequencies, then the bass so that you can tell right away if the guitars have to much low end, then the vocals so that they can be in front of the instruments, and then the dubs so they don't overpower the vocals.
I either do drums or a solid Bassline first - that way it keeps time for me.
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well, every time I've been in a studio we've done it in this order
1. Guide track(Just a rough version of the song, played by the guitarist)
2. Drums
3. Guitar
4. Bass
6. Vocals

Then you remove the guide track.
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i also use the guide track method, but i would say that it is a good idea to be playing with a click when doing so. such a good idea actually, that i would say it is almost essential in most cases where the song has a straight forward tempo. i myself like to used a programmed MIDI version of the song as a click for my guide track, and then do drums, etc. with the guide. having it based on something that is perfectly in time will keep things sounding a lot tighter.
I'd say do it like this.

Rough copy with everyone -> Drums -> Rhythm Guitar -> Lead Guitar -> Bass -> Vocals -> Guitar Solo.

Of course, it depends on how your song is. Like, say it was a very bass oriented song, then do that before guitar.
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well i college im recording my band

and we have decided to record the rythm guitar and drums together .this will be the guid track that we will all play to
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