i have a fender 2*10 princeton chorus. would there be any benefit to changing the speakers to 2*12? is it possible? would there be any benefit? thanks
Well I don't think it would be possible since it was built to have 2 10 inch speakers and 2 12 inches would be 4 more inches than it was built for.
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Well in the realms of equalization, yes. This is definitly the case.

There are plenty of Low-frequencies that require a larger speaker to be heard properly.

However, this is mainly just the case with bass guitar, which really doesn't fully work until it's put through at least a 12 inch speaker.

Still, there really aren't going to be any negative results from the speaker switch. You'll be able to crank it up louder (not by much, but still louder) without blowing out the speakers as well. I say go for it.

EDIT: yea, this is assuming of course that you're going to have enough room to install them. They won't fit unless you do some kind of modding to the frame of the cabinet.
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It could be possible if you had the same ohm rating on the 2x12 and the 2x10.
Every speaker has different tonal capabilities, i think that if it was the same speaker but different size would have a bit more bass response?

There will be major benefits if you change the actual type of speakers too judging on what you play.
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The only things that stop speakers being changed are:

1. Ohms, Ohms, Ohms. Please match them with the output of your head.
2. Physical Space. If they won't fit, and/or are too small, you have a problem.
3. Wattage Rating. Don't buy speakers rated less than the wattage of your amp +10%.