I've had a basic ibanez, 4 string, since January and I want to get something better. I was thinking a 5 string or fretless but not sure which. Can anyone reccommend a bass brand?
what sound do you want?

name your 3 favorite bassists, soundwise. what amp do you have?

what genres?

what sound? clean? smooth? deep? biting?
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dude give some more info, what music do you mainly listen to? what budget have you got? what amp have you got? why 5-string/fretless?
i play rock and metal and classic rock. i want a fretless or a 5 string because i hate fret buzz and i need that b string.
Ok. So I'd get a 5, but fret buzz is a matter of technique, not frets. Watch your left hand.

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Agreed, get a 5 string if you want the extra string, just change up your technique to get rid of fret buzz, not buy a fretless.

Now the wonderful world of 5 strings is immense, so whats your budget?
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I play a five string and I love it! Good choice. Fret buzz, as Tostitos said, is all about your technique.