im just seeing if i get any luck here on UG to get what i like.
Im looking for an high gain TUBE amp head!!!!nothing else so dont even bother with anything else.

I have a 1984 Kramer Vanguard with an ORIGINAL FLOYD ROSE, a dimarzio breed in the neck, and a HOT custom seymour duncan in the bridge. it has a little wear for a 20+ year guitar but nothing bad. still in amazing condition, just scratches but no dings.the back plate is missing but that just makes it easier to adjust the springs. the floyd is a little bit rusted but it works fine, it is missing one of those blocking thingy tho, they cost like 1 dollar tho. and its worked without for as long as ive had it, i just didnt replace the thingy because i dont have a credit card to order with on stewmac.com(thats where you get it they're 85 cents!). it plays like a dream. the neck is not skinny tho. is a little thick. all gold hardware. and it comes with the ORIGINAL CASE(yes it is old, and beaten up)!!! the pictures dont do it justice. it looks much more beautiful in person. and yes, i suck at taking pictures.

i was told that this guitar was worth about $950 new when it first came out.
add what a vintage guitar costs, the pickups, the recent set-up, and you better offer me a damn good high gain amp head lol. got questions just ask. i wanna see what ug has to offer.

*NOTE: paul gilbert autograph not included lol. i will tho if you offer me a diezel amp. :P

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To give you a better idea on the whole pricing issue, those usually go for around the $500 mark nowadays. Non-original pickups, control knob, rusty Floyd etc will devalue it. $450 would be a fair Ebay pricing, no more. I bought my '83 Pacer Special (model and maple board tougher to find) for $700. A very good condition '85 Baretta goes for around $800 or so. They're not as high as one might think.
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