Ok, weird problem. Whenever I play bass, I like to jump up and down a lot. However, my strap locks do not seem to agree with this kind of playing. The strap lock comes loose after a certain amount of jumping. Also, the part of the strap lock nailed into the guitar has come slightly loose over time. I fixed it by screwing it in a bit more.

Two questions. Is there a good strap lock that handles this kind of playing well? And is there any chance of harming the guitar this way (mainly the part of the strap lock nailed to the guitar)?

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Whatever locks you use should be screwed in, not nailed in.

Edit: Well now I'm just confused, I re-read your opening post and you said both nailed and screwed. I use the Schaller locks and they withstand all my jumping.
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i suggest dunlop strap locks
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