Let's say a band offered a DVD with their CD, what kind of material would you like to have on this DVD?
Aside from live material.

Me, personally, I love seeing bands behind the scenes. I remember seeing a video of SOAD in the studio once, and it was really entertaining and kinda gave you the feeling of being closer to the band than just seeing them perform. Also, the Meshuggah movie of their Chaosphere tour with them being totally high and acting up the whole time was really fun.
I think seeing bands in more intimate settings like that is alot more interesting than seeing them perform live, but what about you?
Making of
Live show
Demo recordings
Sneak peaks at future material
Gay sex

All available on Keanes first DVD
For Muse's The Resistance, the DVD went through each song and how they made it. I thought that was really cool.
Live performances
Studio work
music videos
interviews with band members

That is for a DVD given with an album.

If it is a stand alone dvd I think what Flogging Molly did with Whiskey On A Sunday was excellent. It was basically a documentary about the band, their life on the road, and their back stories. Interspersed withing the documentary were live performances. It was really effectively executed and I loved the dvd.
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Maybe a little documentary on the recording of the album. Those are worth watching most of the time, showing the good and bad moments the band has gone through to give you the record that you're holding in your hand.
I though panteras vulgar video was classic...even though dvds didnt exist then.

I would like to see more of THE BAND tool behind the scenes rather than a 1 minute jam (god that sounds weird).
I like in-studio reports that are more than 5 seconds long, like the one that came with Evisceration Plague and the like. Tour vids can be good or very very bad.
I don't really require anything else other than live footage. Promo videos are a nice bonus. I'm not really insterested in behind the scenes stuff.
the offspring greatest hits CD/DVD does it pretty well. talk about the song some and then an acoustic performance. kind of like storytellers
studio work, each member's live and studio setup, rehersals, them just cruzin the town or something, family parties or them just doing something stupid
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Metallica walking in on Kirk Hammett masturbating to playgirl.

Another thing I really like on band DVD's is the guys in the band messing up.
For some reason, it's comforting to see that your heros also mess up from time to time
Basically take everything in Wilco's DVDs "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" and "Ashes of American Flags"
That's what I want.
Answered questions asked by fans
Before the show
After the show
The band in the studio
Interview with members on their approach to making/playing music.
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