hey UG, I'm in a bit of a dilemma. Basically I am looking for a new amp and have been ampless for to long (except for a shitty practice amp). There is a hot rod deluxe i could snag off of kijiji for $500 Canadian, or i could get a Deluxe Reverb for $800. I play primarily blues, but occasionally play a bit heavier stuff (rock). Should i go for the deluxe reverb? Or should i get the hotrod?

P.s. Im a bit of a pedal guy!

thanks alot
i find that the hot rod deluxe already has a really great clean tone, and if you like pedals, could always find a new reason to get an awesome OD pedal to get some great hard rock and metal tones : )
Thats what i was thinking, i know the reverb is better of course, but i could use the 300 to buy my self a nice od with money to spare...its also louder and has more headroom. Maybe even replacing the speaker in the hot rod, could make a large difference!