This is really just something I did for fun. I started with one piano, just playing the notes C, G, A, E, in whole notes, one per measure, and just kept adding on. Even though this was just for fun, and won't really serve any purpose, I'll still do C4C.

By the way, it doesn't matter which format you listen to it in; it's all MIDI anyways.
Projecta 37.zip
first thing i thought was cool is how to managed to make the arpeggios in the beginning not stick to triads and chord tones. there were some notes/intervals/voicing once in awhile that i thought didnt really sound the best but they still work. Overall pretty cool from a technical standpoint.

c4c? check out one of my two threads near the top?
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wow i love this... it's so happy go lucky.

i love your chord shapes. reminds of myself :P

The only thing is that with all those pianos, there were alot of dissonant notes. Try switching some more of the voices.

Also i DEFINATELY think you should add strings in the background. it would make this sound much fuller and all around better

8/10 but could be really awesome with some tweaking.

mind looking at mine? it's techno lol.