Hello everyone,

Over the past few months I've been working on developing new materials for teaching music theory as it applies to the guitar and I've finally got a few modules ready for testing. I've decided to just make everything free for now so I can get plenty of people poking around and testing for glitches. So, just help yourself to what I have on the site and if you find any problem areas or have constructive suggestions to make, please just post a reply here and I'll try to get around to fixing it as soon as I can.

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As for how angry some of you get when you think it looks like someone is just posting because they are trying to sell something...you can just bug off. I'm really thinking hard about just making all my teaching materials free on my site, because I've tried selling it for the last 5 years and it has only gotten my method minimal exposure. That simply won't do. My method is pretty unique and, if you really give it a chance it could really light you up. In today's economy, along with my very weak marketing skills, it just doesn't pay to try to sell it. I just get most visitors turning away before they know how close to something really killer they just got. So, there's a really high probability that rsoguitar will just remain free. Maybe I'll just live off donations or something. All I know is I've spent the last 8 years working on getting this thing out there and it's still relatively unknown. So, if you check it out and find something you like, I'd like at least some encouragement for all the blood, sweat and tears I've shed working on it.

Fred Pool
It's not that we get angry... It's that you can't just clutter up a forum with ads. Now you can talk to a mod if you want to.

If you don't mind your lessons being free then you can just upload your videos straight to this site.

You could also try buying ads on this site. I'm sure your lessons would be seen if the ads were somewhere millions of guitar players frequently visit.

I'm going to report this. If a mod thinks it's ok, then it will be left open. But it will probably be closed. (It's in the wrong forum also.)


EDIT: I just looked at the site, it looks nice. I would seriously consider trying to buy some ads on this site.
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Well, I appreciate your advice, but if I'm not going to make anything off my materials, I don't exactly know how I'm supposed to afford ads.

As for just uploading stuff to this site, I don't think you have any idea how much disk space that would eat up. They aren't exactly separate little video lessons. We're talking about video, animation and text all working together in concert to illustrate many, many points. And when I add new materials to the old, as I update stuff, it all has to go to correct directories according to where the files get called from by the master file holding them all together. I don't think it would work to just upload them here.

I'm just trying to share this great method with the world because sitting back charging for it has proven counterproductive. It seems the way of the future, especially in this new economy, is to just make it free. For me, coming to see the guitar this way was like a gift from God, so perhaps it should just be passed on to everyone else as exactly that...a gift. That's where I'm at after years of going unnoticed.

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I'm just trying to share this great method with the world
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Please remove the links from your posts and discuss the possibility advertisement with the Admin here.

Posting links to promote other sites is not permitted. This can get you warned or banned.

It's still good advice, just like it was back in June.
Really man. Get permission from the Admin before posting links to improve traffic at other sites. If they give you approval, fine. If not, just don't do it.

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