wramoth guitars...how do you work with them?do you buy everything and just put it together yourself or how does it all run?
I think you buy everything and it's up to you to build it. They may have a service where they assemble it for you for added cash, but I don't think so.
They'll pretty much do whatever steps you want them to. You can either buy everything and put it together yourself, have them fully assemble it, and whatever steps in between.

I bought all of my parts for my senior project guitar from them. I was going to have them throw a clear finish on the body before shipping and assemble the rest myself, but they're always booked for a while with finishes.
Yeah, like everyone says above, they will go as far into the process as you want them too. They do incredible work though, and the prices on parts there are pretty much second to none. When I want name brand hardware that's my first stop.
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They don't assemble it. They'll do everything short of putting the parts together.
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