So I need me an effects processor. $150 is right in my price range. The RP250 looks really nice, yet so does the Flood POD.

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go the RP255

the latest models have a more up to date and better sound chip

the rp250 is discontinued now anyways
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I would advise you get a single distortion pedal, the 255 is too digital, I havn't heard better from the POD
Sorry for the length of this but I think you will find it is worth the read.

Get a PodXT or X3 bean. The sound of a PodXT/X3 is much better than an RP250/255. How do I know you ask. Well just so happens I have both an RP250 and a PodXT. The PodXT is more flexible for serious playing or even gigging. The RP250 is more flexible for practice with build in drum loops and built in metronome (click track style) all adjustable for different time sigs. The RP250 does have an expression pedal. You pay extra for one on the PodXT bean. The PodXT has better noise reduction, say just about on level with a Boss NS-2. The noise gate on the RP250 is ok but not as good as the pods. The PodXT has a 4 band semiparametric EQ the RP250 has a 3 band EQ. The PodXT has 128 user programmable programs the RP250/255 has 120 total with only 60 programmable user savable programs, 60 are non savable and retain the factory preset. Both have headphone jacks for silent play. Both can be used direct to mixer or direct to amp or in an effects loop. Both have built in tuners. Both have decent PC software for creation and upload of user programs via USB cable. Mac software available for the PodXT not sure about the RP series. Additional sound effects packs available for the PodXT. To my knowledge there are no available additional effects packs for the RP250/255.
Just remember you only get out what you put in. It takes a while to master tweaking each of these devices. Your not going to plug it into your rig and in 15 minutes have it sound like a pro set it up. Each model of amp has a different sound so you have to take the time to tweak the programs on these devices to make them sound good with your amp. It may take weeks to get things setup the way you like if your extremely picky.

Why recommend a PodXT when they still sell for $299. Because you can get one off Craigslist for $150 or less. I paid $100 for mine just because the guy wanted it gone. If you save more you can get a PodXT Live for $200-250 off Craigslist and the expression pedal problem is solved.

GOOD: Great effects sounds (even gigable IMHO), midi control on the XT bean and XT Live, 4 band eq, 128 user savable programs. BAD: expression pedal via a (either midi or Line 6 FBV) floor board costs extra and you really need one if your going to gig with it. No drum loops and no metronome and no the tap tempo light on the PodXT is not a metronome. The X3 bean does not have midi control.

GOOD: Adjustable click track metronome and drum loops for practice, has expression pedal. BAD: Effects do not sound quite as good as the PodXT's effects, noise reduction not as good. Only 60 user savable programs, no midi control.

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