Hi guys!
my neighbor gave me an electric guitar, I dont find any information about it just that its made in 1967 and its made by kawai...

-in the truss rod cover says "kingston"
-it is made in japan
-my neighbor says it is pretty old cus he played when he was young and at least he is 50 years old...


any information? thanks
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Heaven knows what the story behind it is, except that the phony "Fender" decal on the headstock probably didn't fool anyone.
I know it aint fender in fact I clean it all...

I think it is a teisco or something like that but I dont find any exact information
Kingston guitars were built by Teisco. Teisco was taken over by Kawai in 1967, but I don't think they continued to use the Kingston brand-name after that. I'm pretty sure your guitar is pre-Kawai, likely early '60s.