Hey guys, my band is checking out some different things to add to our sound and I was thinking of getting some hard rocking organ stuff in there. Now, I heard that John Lord used a Marshall amp to get that distorted organ sound you hear on classic albums like In Rock and Machine Head. My questions are:

1. What kind of keyboard should I look into? Just any decent one with an organ setting?

2. Are there anythings amp-wise I should watch out for? I know most guitar amps aren't built to handle most keyboard frequencies but if that's what I'm hearing on albums from the 70s then surely it'd be safe these days?

3. Do you think the hard rock organ sound is over-done? I think it'd add alot to our sound but I don't know if it'd be cliche or not. Some other bands that use this kind of thing are Wolfmother and Boston. Not ballady keyboards, but straight and in your face rock stuff
My organist plays a Clavia Nord Stage, have a look at that. Anything from Clavia's worth looking into though. The prices are pretty hefty though, I must warn you of that...
For the exact opposite of the spectrum, price-wise, I'd recommend either a stylophone or a casio SK-1. Either can be found for under 25$s. The stylophone sounds killer through overdrive/leslie, but you can only play one note at a time. That said, it's a treat for rocking organ lead sounds.

The Casio has an additive synthesis engine hidden in it that replicates tonebar organ sounds pretty darn well, imho. You might want to check it out too.

You can just use a regular amp. Unless you're booming outrageous sub frequencies, you won't damage it and everything will be fine.

Otherwise any standard yamaha keyboard has inbuilt organ sounds in a pinch. You can probably find one on craigslist for painfully cheap.
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