I made this a while ago, but just kinda forgot about it. I don't know why I called it 94, just randomness. Please excuse the odd lyrics and messy production, a lot of it was on the spot sort of stuff. Just take it as it is.

Thanks for listening, link in my profile.
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The start riff sounds good, but would be great with some drums and bass but still sounds good. The clean guitar is nice, fits really well. Gives a great change and good use of the multiple guitar tracks, works well ;D
I liked this piece. The clean guitar is very flowing and smooth, all the riffs were good and well thoughout, the song has a nice structure that keeps it from being repetitive and/or predictable... Good shit, man

I thought the vocals/lyrics were fine, much better than I could do, but I didn't like the way they ended.

I also didn't like the mix of the distorted guitar when it first comes in. It just felt very distant and weird. I imagine the drums, bass, and any other instruments you might include will have a more predominant few bars during that part of the song, so... If that's the case, its fine.

7/10 for now... Record it with bass and drums so I can give it a 10/10

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yeah i agree with the last person i really liked the clean parts, really nice springy sound wasnt so keen on the distorted sections and the overdrive did sound faaaarrr away

i liked the way the 2 vocal parts complimented each other too

sounds like you didn't use a pop shield when you recorded the vox, would be a decent investment for you if your gonna be recording alot of singing!

crit mine?
I second the pop filter suggestion. Also, I think your vocals need to be EQ'd differently, they sound a bit too subdued. I think they need more high mids/highs to cut through better. Drums, bass and more guitars would make this song sound more complete. You have good songwriting ideas, I liked the arpeggios.

As for the vocals, pay a little more attention to what notes you're trying to hit, it will make the melody more focused.

I'm not sure what it is about your distortion that doesn't sit right with me. Less gain would make them sound heavier and clearer. A solo would be great for this song too.
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Seriously though, it's pretty good but could do with some drums and bass. Sounds pretty 90s to me too - whether that's good or bad is up to you.
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