my internets dying at the moment and this is about the only thing thats loading. i can google, but i cant get onto the pages my searches link to.

im a bit of a piezo noob, but i think i get vaguely how they work
obviously, there is the acousticky 'simulation' bit to it, but...

couple of questions:

i was looking at the petrucci sig with piezo and was hoping someone could explain why there two separate outputs are. the schematics say one corresponds to the magnetic pups, the other to the piezo. do you need to have two leads coming from the the guitar, in that case, in order to have moth piezo and magnetic operating at the same time?
also, is this just something that is characteristic of the jp, or is it standard of all guitars that have piezo and magnetic?

is it possible to have both outputs going into the same amp, or must they go into separate amps?

a couple of diagrams i looked up last night only had the piezo going into pa type systems. is it possible to have the magnetic going into, say, a m/b dual rec, and the piezo going into a twin reverb?

id also like to double check on using piezo with distortion (i would youtube it but my internets dead). from memory, in petrucci's demonstrations, he does switch between piezo and magnetic a couple of times - can anyone giving me an idea of how, tonally, piezo/distortion compares with magnetic/distortion? to me, it sounded a lot like switching between bridge and neck pups.

i have a nagging feeling that theres something ive forgotten to put in here. if i remember, ill update

im asking because i dont think i could find a guitar with both magnetic and piezo pups in my area, and, as i mentioned before, my internets dying.
if anyone knows of a guitar (at a shop) with magnetic and piezo pups in metro melbourne (australia), i would very much like to hear about it - purely for trying it out, im not going to buy it as im designing/planning to design a custom with everything including the kitchen sink with all possibilities covered at the moment
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