After months of agonising diliberating and relentless saving, I decided I would get a Peavey Classic 30. But then I saw this on TradeMe...

So I was having my breakfast this morning (peanut butter toast) when there was a ring of the doorbell. The mailman! I brought the box inside and set it down. I was a bit unnerved by the 'LINE 6 SPIDER JAM' box, but fortunately the contents was not that shown on the box.

White chickenhead knobs? That go to twelve? "Well it's two louder, isn't it?"

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe in sexy white vinyl!

Fammy Picher with strat and acoustic MIA. The colours a quite fitting are they not?

I plugged it in and then proceeded to be late for school but I feel a new amp is much more important than science.

Anyway, it sounds amazing! Beautiful cleans, ranging from bright to quite smooth and warm. Still working on a nice distortion tone. Also, 40W is firetrucking loud! Turned it up to 1 and a half and got the jesus scared out of me. I'd love to crank it to 12 some day

Enjoy (apologies for quite large pics)
that white tolex looks so odd

and cool haha ive never seen it before on a fender. hnad
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great looking amp, but i gotta say i hope youre not playing metal with it with that guitar
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nice i love the white
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Nice score. HNAD!
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That white tolex is the first NAD in a while that's actually made me lick my lips. Also I can't see the family photo. Either way though, happy NAD, looks beautiful, and I assume based on my own Fendery experiences and your words, it sounds awesome too.

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great looking amp, but i gotta say i hope youre not playing metal with it with that guitar

Have no fear, mostly jazz and rock will blasting out of that thing

With maybe a tiny dash of metal. nothing really br00t4l though. not really into that kinda stuff
cool i love fender amps
what did it cost you? HNAD
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HNAD! That is a gorgeous amp and a really sweet guitar!


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cool i love fender amps
what did it cost you? HNAD

$1350 NZD used but in perfect working condition. I think thats about 900 US. I don't know about over there, but down here they retail for about $2000 NZD
Howre you liking it? Been thinking of picking one up myself
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Im lovin' it. I think this'll last me a while. I would put some clips up but all i've got is audacity and a crappy laptop mic, so not much justice would be done