Whenever i'm in school i get really bored and want to practice guitar. Like sometimes at school i'll pretend i'm doing drums and practicing double bass, etc.
so i want to know how can i exercise my hands (no dirty suggestions) and fingers so that i can be faster, or more accurate at playing guitar? thanks pit!
Join a jazz band. I joined my school's jazz band, and I played bass every day, and learned upright bass. It was great.
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Bring a guitar to school and play it.
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Join a jazz band. I joined my school's jazz band, and I played bass every day, and learned upright bass. It was great.

This. Also, jazz is one of the best thing you can learn to improve your playing.
Play the guitars in the school's music room?
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since air guitar would be kinda weird, i just rest my arm on the table but move my fingers like i'm playing
if your school has guitar lab sign up. that's what i did.
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Take music theory then join jazz band

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You can get one of those finger-strengthening things

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do NOT get the shredneck, try learning some figure excersises to build the muscles in your hand, thats what i used to do at school sometimes.
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How about you pay attention in school, get your work done in class, talk to your friends, and play guitar when you get home?!?

That will be $5 for improving your life immeasurably.
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listen to some really fast stuff, and just tap out the notes with your fingers. use different fingers for different pitches, to keep your mind working, just as if you were playing the guitar. keeps your fingers limber for when your playing. also, take notes on a laptop, that helps
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Drop out of school and play guitar instead. You'll go far I promise.
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just bring your guitar to school, i do it all the time.
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You can't practice guitar without an actual guitar.

I also don't understand those 'practice necks'. You gotta have something to pick.
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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

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Bring a guitar to school and play it.

I used to do that back at my old school. But I eventually stopped because a ton of other people did it and they sucked.... and also apparently black people are afraid of guitars or something, because whenever I started playing it, some black dude or chick would complain to the teacher that I was "disturbing them".... from lunch. Yeah, right. I'm not trying to be racist or anything, that's just my experience....

so yeah.... that may not be the best idea.
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Join a jazz band. I joined my school's jazz band, and I played bass every day, and learned upright bass. It was great.

This one.
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Read a theory book instead...
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