I just finished this one today, and would appreciate any input! Crit for crit of course, as always. I've attached the GP5 file and the MIDI.
Pop Rock.gp5
Pop Rock.mid
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Nice little progression, i feel about the half way mark of the chorus's the drum beat should open up more and be on the beat allowing for BIGGER effect

the guitar solo is quiet nicely constructed

nice job
I actually find the progression way too generic and you keep the same progression the entire song. you should at least change it up a little. the solo was nice but other than that is was quite a boring.. song i've heard a thousand times before. but if thats what you are after i guess you did a good job.

crit one of my short riffs on the front page?
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Hmm, it was a kind of uplifting song, like a pub-crawl-after-a-breakup-waking-up-in-bed-with-a-fat-chick sorta thing. It does get kinda repetitive by the second verse, but a vocal line should clear things up, some sort of melody over the top. Maybe some light strings behind it too?
Thanks for the input, guys. I'll take a look at each of your stuff and tell you what I think!