Hey everyone,

Well I've been playing my VOX Pathfinder 15R for many years now and I feel like I really need an upgrade. Dont get me wrong, it's a great amp. It has satisfied me for many years. But I really need a more powerful tone and presence. I really want a tube amp, they sound amazing. I really wanted to get this Peavey JSX Joe Satriani amp at Guitar Center after playing with it for hours; it has great distortion and more power. But it's $1,549.99! There's no way I can afford that.

So I was wondering if there was an alternative, is there a great sounding tube amp that's under $1000? I play hard rock, metal (a lot of hair metal), and rock in general. I want it to give me a great tone, presence, distortion, re verb, and lots of customization. Oh and also have a really great clean tone. I am open to any brand, and any size of amp (as long as it fits in my roof.)

Thanks guys, I hope you can help me!

bugera's are cheap in comparison.

a 6262 or 333Xl would prolly get you what you want, see if the local GC has'em, the heads are around $500
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If you are open to going used, which really opens up your options, you could get something like a mesa f-50, mkiii, or rectoverb combo well within your budget (especially the f50). If you're lucky, you might even be able to snag a stiletto ace or heartbreaker in that price range.

If mesa's not your flavor, you could get a carvin x212b or v3212, or you could get the randall rm20 and several preamps to trade in and out.