Hey there, I have been looking at this guitar and was wondering whether it is worth $1100 AU? Also, is it a good guitar for blue/rock. My current amp is a Vox Pathfinder 15r. I won't be using this for gigging.
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Being in the UK, I can't say if that price is any good or not. That said, EPiphone quality control is very random, so you should only buy one if you find it in a physical store, play it and it's decent - in which case you just have to pay whatever the store asks for really.

As for whether or not it's a good guitar, that depends on your playing and tone preferences. It has a slightly thicker neck profile than standard Epiphones (it uses the modern Gibson 50's neck profile, which is actually around the size of an original 1960's neck), which will add to longer sustain, thicker tone and more comfort while playing - though if you have smaller hands, it may hinder your playing. The neck also uses a long tenon join which aids sustain though it's debatable whether this offers any other advantages. The fretboard has a 14" radius which is actually slightly flatter than on other Epiphones and Gibsons.
The body is solid (not chambered or weight-relieved) mahogany with a carved rock maple cap and a AAA flame maple veneer. This will give it a slightly brighter tone than if the cap was 100% flame maple, but this is somewhat balance dout by the thicker poly finish these guitars have.
The pickups are BurstBuckers #2 and #3. I have these in an Epiphone myself (as well as BurstBuckers #1 and #2 in my Gibson) and I can safely tell you, when they're set at the right height these are some of the clearest, most responsive pickups I've ever heard.
The bridge is the same as on other Epiphones (Lock Tone stopbar and Tune-o-Matic) and the tuners are the Kluson-copy tuners that Epiphone used to use on their Standards (though they have since changed to Grover tuners on Standards).

Overall, it should be a very solid guitar. I have the Epi Joe Perry signature LP which is spec-wise exactly the same as this only the Joe Perry model is fully chambered (mostly hollow inside). With this kind of guitar, chambering won't effect sustain much, it just darkens the tone a little. I use my Joe Perry model for blues and classic rock all the time, it's got a perfect tone to use with lower-mid gain and the clean tones are really nice too. The only thing it's not so great for is metal, but if you're not playing that then that shouldn't matter. If anything the one thing I'd like out of mine is a slightly brighter tone so it cuts through just that little better, and since the '59 model is solid rather than chambered, that should fix that problem. I've gigged it, it's never failed me and I've never wanted to change anything about it. If the '59 model is up to the same standard then it will be worth buying. Just make sure you do try it out for yourself first.
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Wow thanks alot MrFlibble, i'm going to try it out now.
P.S. Pffft Metal? sif.
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On top of everything MrFlibble said, it's very sexy. That will make you want to pick it up and make love to (read: play) it more.
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You really need to try any guitar you want. 99% of the time I agree with Mr Fribble and I agree 99% with his reply but I don't agree about Epis quality control they have been very consistent lately IMHO much better than their Gibson counterpart but that said you still need to play it first before you buy.

From everything I have read this Epi 59 LP sounds good on paper but I have yet to try one as soon as they hit the stores near me you know I'll get my hands on it and put it thru it's paces. Until I try one i can't comment on price and I am sure it's cheaper here in the states. I love trying out new guitars.

Unless you really like the neck on the '59, I'd be more interested in the Epi tribute. They're essentially the same guitar outside of the neck, pickups and some wiring options. The '57 classics are decent pickups as well (though they can sound pretty bad in some guitars), I had a set of burstbuckers that I bought back in 2003 that I liked but I haven't been a huge fans of the ones I've played in guitars for the last few years (but who knows, maybe my hearing just changed and I wouldn't like the way my old BBs sound now either, I couldn't tell you since I got them rewound a while back). Definitely try the guitars first.
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