I decided to go with this one, due to it's uniqueness

Greg Bennett - Avion 6 LTD

-Single cutaway mahogany body
-Bound, carved, spalted maple top
-Bound, mahogany set neck
-Nut width 1⅝″
-Rosewood fingerboard (12″ radius)
-Crown inlay
-22 fret, 24″ scale
-Chrome hardware
-Grover™ A102C, 14:1 ratio tuners
-Stop tailpiece with adjustable bridge
-Seymour Duncan Blackout Neck, and Bridge
-2 volume and 2 tone controls
-3-way selector switch

What y'all think?
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Looks deliciously awesome! HNGD!

Edit: I need to find a new abbreviation for Happy New Guitar Day, it reminds me too much of the sound a woman makes during sex.
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She's smexy HNGD
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spalted maple!! nice man!

just for clarification, is it a 24" or 24.75" scale?

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Active pickups AND a natural finish? Holy balls I want it.
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Is this amazing? Could it be?
This newly posted mp3

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Nice man, you don't hear alot about Greg Bennetts on these forums, great solid guitars I used to own a GB bass. HNGD!
Not my cup of tea, but NGDs are always awesome!
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Yea, I wasn't too sure about the actives...but they were just laying around from an old guitar - sorta tempting me. The guitar sounds awesome, I may upload some clips in a few days