I reaaalllly want an LP double cutaway guitar. I've fallen in love with the 1960's LP special with dual p-90's.

but I can't find an affordable copy.
Agile makes one called the Ad-2300 Jr, but the cut aways are too close to the body to really allow access to the upper frets it seems

also I want to use an angled wrap around bridge, not the stopbar tailpiece and tun-o-matic style bridge.

warmoth has the body style - but only in a bolt-on neck option and I want it set in.
Would it be possible to do that anyways, even if it is meant to be bolted in. That would be cool, cause then I could use a 25.5 scale neck - which I prefer big time.

even then the body is almost 500 which is ridiculous!

I think I'll use either GFD dream p-90's or mean p-90's (check out guitarfetish.com)

any suggestions?
I wouldn't use a bolt-on neck as a set neck. The pockets are differently designed so it wouldn't work as well as you'd want. If I were you, I'd settle for the Agile and a pickup change. Any other option (getting it built or building it yourself) is going to cost a lot of money that you probably don't want to spend.
Bari Build

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why dont you just buy an Ibanez AR300 or AR250?
only thing is you wont have the p90's
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