I really want to know what model this guitar is. I've found Epiphone Wilshire's around the internet that look similar but nothing exact. Any idea how I can find out?



In case your wondering:

I got this from a friend for $40 and it is pretty worn. The neck pickup doesn't work. The wiring looks solid.

-grover tuners
-pickups/toggle switch?

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Pictures and more details are needed before anyone can tell you anything.
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If the neck pickup don't work, the then wiring isn't solid lol.

We need pictures.
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hmm, the Wilshires have always had the 'batwing' headstock (to my knowledge) so i'm not too sure, maybe it's an earlier production model. Looks sweet though, touch up here and there and it'll look fantastic!

good luck!
Looks like an old Coronet.

Electronics, headstock and pickguard are off from all the Coronets I've seen though. Body looks right though.


Found it. It's an Epiphone Crestwood.
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Your all wrong. Yes, the Crestwood looks similar. The Coronet is way off though! I've never seen a bidge like this. All these guitars have a normal looking bridge but the tremolo system bridge on my guitar is very strange. Look again please.

And thanx for all of your help!
Are you sure that bridge is stock?
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it's all coming back

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Yup, it's a Crestwood. You got an absolute bargain on that mate, I love those odd Epi's. I've been searching for a cheap Coronet myself for ages.
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Good point. I did assume it was stock but I could be wrong. Any idea how I would put a year on it? Any restoration suggestions? I think the pickups need replacing.

I kind of want to trick this thing out but I can't find any sources on the net that goes into installing octavia switches and stuff like Frank Zappa style. Any advice would be lovely.
my only guess as to dating it would be to find the serial number, or some sort of identification, and email Epiphone about it. I'm not sure many people can de-code the serial's for these guys.
As far as restoration goes, what kinds of things are you looking at? A full electronics overhaul (Including or excluding the pickups if you so wish) is never a bad idea for a vintage, though of course, keeping the original pickups gives it more vibe I think. You could always do a refinish, either a different finish, or oil finish if the bare wood looks good, or a stain if it has nice grain. The frets don't look too bad, so you don't have to deal with them, unless they feel bad, in which case a fret leveling would work, or if it's extreme you could do a complete refret. It looks like you have to replace the nut, and you might as well replace the tuners if you're really into it.
As far as tricking it out and mods and what not, there's always the basic coil split, phase switching, and maybe a hi-pass filter, or a built in active gain circuit. I don't know much about any of Zappa's ideas, so I can't help there.

Good luck!
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Zappa had a green ringer switch on his SG. It gives an octavia/fuzz effect. He also had something called coil tapping. He had a knob that would click in different positions to get different wah effects. (like the 535Q crybaby switch) I heard all of this from a YouTube vid with his son Dweezil Zappa.

The problem is I don't know anything about this stuff (or the things you mentioned) and I don't know where to purchases stuff like this and get information on it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I've seen one of those before-it sounded like absolute junk, lemme tell ya. Didn't stay in tune either.
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looks like wilshire reissue or something?

check Gibson site they have one in their products catalogue i believe.

it's under the Epiphone though

EDIT: NVM looks more like wilshire and prophecy fusion...
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UPDATE: I took the old lady apart and the bridge IS IN FACT stock!
It's a tremolo with a single fat, stubby spring.
The hole is factory carved.
No modding done here.


I took the pickups out and seen something I never have before.
The neck extends down past the neck pickup. This means the neck pickup is like half the width of a standard humbucker. It has a weird bracket to elevate the pickup properly. This fact alone scares me because I don't know if they sell pickups like this. SO I don't know if I can replace them. Which really sucks when the neck pickup doesn't work.
Tell me what you think.

Heres some pics. (the best I could do):

Shows the extended neck that runs behind neck pickup:

Shows the weird "half-bucker":

Another pic/angle of the strange pickup:

Ever seen anything like it?

P.S. WHere is the darn serial number!? I can't find it anywhere on this fiddle!

Thanx for the help!
Epi Wilshire. The pickups mini humbuckers. That is a re-issue but I am not sure of the time frame. Late 90 early 00 I think.

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NO! They are not mini humbuckers. mini humbuckers are not as tall as regular humbuckers. My pickups are as high as regular humbuckers. They just are half the width. Did you look at the pictures?

I appreciate your help, but I know these aren't mini humbuckers. It is very obvious.
haha, Crestwood is what that looks like to me.

Enjoy! For $40 you got one hell of a deal!
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yeh i tohught it was a coronet.. but a coronet has only a single pickup isnt that right
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yeh i tohught it was a coronet.. but a coronet has only a single pickup isnt that right

Well, the one I posted has 2 full sized humbuckers, not a single P90. It has everything that's on the guitar he got, including the weird tremolo bar system, so I'm guessing it is a Coronet.
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I e-mailed Gibson. It is not a Wilshire. It is not a Coronet. It's not even a Crestwood technically.

The guitar is an Epiphone ET-278 made in the 1970's.

Here is what Gibson said.
"Thanks for the email. The guitar appears to be an Epiphone ET-278 model. This model was made in Japan and was available from 1971-1975. It had a Crestwood custom-style body, bolt-on hardwood neck, bound rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay, chrome hardware, 2 pickups, 2 volume/tone controls, pickup selector toggle switch, available in Ebony finish only."

Thanks for all of your help everyone. It is much appreciated.