"I'm not your drummer you're my ****ing singer!" - Charlie Watts

I'll have a look.
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"I'm not your drummer you're my ****ing singer!" - Charlie Watts

thats the best quote ever!!

overall i liked it. im guessing this was just a rough recording to demonstrate your idea so far and not intended to be played super tight? i do like the clean part but i think playing it that many times makes it sound too repetititive. maybe do that for 4 bars and then do another big heavy riff?

i prefer fast double bass in a thrashy context but if done right, it sounds good in slower tempo grooves. feel free to check out my new track too!

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Its a very rough copy. As for the clean part it my favorite riff lol and it will not be played as long as i put it in the track. Its just a relaxing sound to me thanks for the crit.
Im not a drummer so im probably about to make stuff up lol. BUT i think that its easier to use a double bass if you slow the tempo down like you did for this song. If you think about it thr double bass is just for playing bass drums twice as fast which isnt easy at fast tempos. Its pretty much a tool to play 16th or 32nd notes where a 8th or 16th would go. That sounds right to me lol. Im saying this and not commenting on your song cuz it sounds like in your comment and in the actual song your more writting a cool drum part than a guitar part. I would say stick to about 180bpm and if your drummer likes his double bass so much that he will naturally use it when nessesary
The drums were easy but most stuff i play is similar to tool/soundgarden/alice in chains type music not to fast not to slow.
so you just want to write a riff that has room for double bass under it i would think. yeah i would stick to what i said before about temp which it sounds like your already in that range. tool definately uses double bass and im not sure if theres any in AIC or soundgarden but theres room for it in there. maybe your drummers just asking for more metal or something because i dont see why hes not using more bass already
he just wants a really fast song every once in a while that's all he loves this one.
I like the tone, its real punchy, but has a bit too much bass and not enough highs. The song as a whole was really good, but for me the tone changed too often, and timings a bit off, you need to add an extra note to your verse riff, so it doesnt have that akward pause. Drums where pertty good also, kinda wanted it to be longer though. Good job.

Crit mine? Its on my profile, should be the first song, called"Learn The Hard Way(demo)" Just a demo, I'm kinda skeptical on the acoustic part.