Insanely good Ambient/Atmospheric black metal band from Germany.
Their only full length, Melancholie² is quite possibly one of my favorite black metal releases of all time.

MA: www.metal-archives.com/band.php?id=57431
Other planes lie beyond the reach
Of normal sense and common roads
But they are no less real
Than what we see or touch or feel

MoogleRancha is a twat
One of the first BM bands I ever heard methinks. Either this or Lord Belial
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Melancholie² is incredibly good. I can't wait until it gets really cold out so I can just walk around and listen to it. I'm waiting for The End to restock it so I can get a physical copy.
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Bump, due to winter. I love this guy. What a genius.
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I hope he keeps making music, because he's good at it.

Red Snow is one of my favorite ambient black metal songs.
I seriously can't listen to ColdWorld in summer. Have to wait for a few months until I hear them again
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I find it fitting to listen to Coldworld now, today is said to be the darkest day of the year if I'm not misstaken, only a few hours of daylight.
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I seriously can't listen to ColdWorld in summer. Have to wait for a few months until I hear them again

Oh you people and your silly backwards seasons
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At least we've seen a sun before >_>

It's not that bad, I think I saw the sun last week
And now it's winter, in the cooler hemisphere anyway

Listening to Melancholie² at the moment. The EP is great too though. More deserving of the depressive black metal tag than Melancholie², I think.
I can take a road that'll see me through.
One of my favorite black metal albums of all time.

Every track on it is an experience.

So coooooooold
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Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful band.
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some interesting music to say the least

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Damn, this is amazing! I wonder how many more albums are out there, lying in a chasm, waiting for me to dig them out...
Wann kann ich dich von diesem Ort wegbringen?
Wann ist der Tod unser einziger Zuschauer?
Wann können wir schreien anstatt zu flüstern?
Wann ist der neue Anfang das Ende dieses traurigen Madrigals?
Not only are the Ambient and Black metal elements perfect in their own rights, the way they mold together is even better. Varg is being given one hell of a run for his money.
I thought this would be a good place to ask this.

I want to try and do a solo project a kin to that of ColdWorld and was wondering what equipment guitars, amps, pedals etc people would recommend for such a thing.

Any Advice would be greatly appreciated.