I think my tubes for my V3 are busted, I'll have to take it to a shop and find out whether if it's my tubes or my speakers
but either way, i've been itching to switch out the stock el34's that came with the amp to some 6l6 tubes to see how it affects the tone (since i recently came to realize that most of my favorite tones from other players come from 6l6 tube amps)
the V3 has a bias switch in the back to switch from el34 to 6l6, i just want to know how i should go about taking the old tubes out and putting the new ones one and also biasing them
Removing the tubes involves carefully pulling them straight out of thier socket basess. Installing tubes involves lining up the pins with the holes in the socket bases and gently pressing them in. There is nothing to it.

Biasing is a different matter. The bias switch on the back of your V3 allows you to select between using EL34 tubes and 6L6GC or 5881 tubes. However, in order to set the internal bias of the amplifier, you have to do a bit more. I suggest you leave it to a qualified technician. Monkeying around with the internals of tube amplifiers can be hazardous to your health and to your wallet. To begin with, the capacitors can store an electrical charge sufficient to kill you. Beyond that (as if that weren't enough), if you don't know what you are doing, you can damage the amplifier and end up spending a bundle on repairs. But if you are intent on doing it yourself, to set the internal bias, first measure the current across the standby switch with a multimeter while the amplifier is on (standby off). Then set the idle current to specification. There are a few threads on this procedure, but again, I don't recommend it unless you genuinely know what you are doing.
before you take away your tube, you must discharge the electric in Capacitor, one way you can try, on-off your stand-by sw serval times, untill the lighter of standby not light, it means the electric in Capacitor dischage all.
otherwsie if your amp is Class AB , you must pair them
to be completely honest, the first time you change the tubes in your amp you should do it with somone with experience

the risk of electrocuting yourself outweighs the few bucks if any it would cost for help from a repairer, its a 10 minute job
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