For those of you familiar with the musical by Team Starkid called 'A Very Potter Musical', I would like to set up this thread as a collection of chords and tabs for their songs. (It is extremely hard to find them all, so having them all in the same place would help a lot of people. Even if 'a lot of people' does just include myself).

If you find them on the internet, please post a link to that site. If you are extremely clever [Aka: not me] , you could try working them out for yourself.

You can find Act 1, Part 1 here,

And the soundtrack here.

The chords for 'Granger Danger' can be found here.

Not quite sue how these threads work, so if I did something wrong, please don't eat me.
i spent awhile trying to figure out granger danger from the videos, then i found your chord chart which is about 110x better then what i figured out. thanks
please let me know if you figure out/find any new tabs
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I cannot believe this.
I have found other fans of AVPM!!!!
Trust me, if I could figure out ANYTHING, I'd get right on this.
But I suck harder than Schlongbottom at figuring that out. :/