Just a quick question what exactly is baritone? I hear about it alot and recently saw a baritone Jaguar and decided to ask.
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A baritone guitar usually has a longer scale, around 27, and is usually factory tuned to a lower tuning.

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It's tuned roughly in between the standard pitches of a guitar and a bass guitar, usually at A standard. It has a longer scale length to compensate for this extra tension and has thicker strings.
There are actually a few different tunings for Baritone guitars- big surprise!- and you can find some of them (and other info) here:
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Its a guitar with a longer scale (usually 27") and is normally factory tuned a perfect fourth lower than standard tuning (B, E, A, D, F#, B).
Also, the longer scale can do lower tunings with thinner strings.
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Most guitar scales above 25.5" are considered baritone. Schecter make some guitars with a 26.5" scale, and these are also baritone. They're useful for lower tunings, as the longer scale length gives more tension to the strings, so lower tunings can be reached without using huge gauges or floppy strings.