My last tele had the fatest neck. I like Strat necks mostly but dont mind Ibanez S necks either.

Can I get a strat type profile for a tele from Warmoth or anywhere else?

Not sure what to look for.
The Warmoth Standard Thin neck profile if similar to the modern Strat necks only slightly flatter across the back. They also do a back contour that is similar to an Ibanez Wizard profile. Telecaster necks can have the Wizard profile if they're Warmoth Pro Construction design, and you can get the Standard Thin profile on all Warmoth Pro, Vintage Modern and 24.75" scale conversion necks.
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thanks hehehe so many choices.

what i want is a maple fretboard finished neck thats simple but thin and narrow.
I forgot to add, if you want a really fast feeling neck then make sure you get it with the vintage tint satin finish. The non-tinted satin finish is stickier than the tinted satin finish (I have both on my two Warmoth Telecasters - the non-tinted finish is stickier than my Gibson's neck, the tinted finish is completely dry and smooth).

Also be aware that when Warmoth do an all-maple neck, they finish the whole neck in one go, so when you get it there will still be finish on the fretwire which you'll need to clean off yourself. If you're not confident doing this, you'll need to take the neck to an experienced luthier for a fret dressing to clear the finish off the fretwire and level the frets out.
One way around this people are using quite a lot now is to order the neck with a canary fretboard instead. Most pieces of canary are a light yellow colour (so it will retain the same look as a maple neck) but they don't have a finish on the fretboard or frets, so setting up the guitar becomes much easier. The downside is canary fretboards cost quite a lot extra and they feel rougher than a finished maple fretboard will.

If you want the thinnest and narrowest Tele neck, I'd recommend you order a Warmoth Pro Construction Telecaster neck with the Wizard back contour and the 41.27mm nut width. This will be the smallest neck Warmoth make.
That said, the Standard Thin neck, while not as slim as the Wizard neck, is still slightly slimmer and flatter than most Fender necks (which are already very slim to begin with). I would really recommend a Standard Thin neck instead of the Wizard contour (the Standard Thin is cheaper too), it's a good balance between being slimmer than most necks while still having enough wood there to properly support your hand and still sustain well.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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