Its more of like Death Metal but here it is.
Please give me feedback on what you think.

Death Grabs You By the Throat
Rips Open Your Chest
Pulls Out Your Soul From Within
Throws Your Body Into Infestations
Tortues The Soul Till Decay Of Destruction

The Infestation Pit Is Were
Lifeless And Decayed
Burned In Hell
Your Life Is Sworn
Sworn Of Evil And Destruction
Sworn By Death
Lives By Death
Killed By The Saw

The Saw Is By One
To Tortue The Souls Of Thee
Burned In Hell
Decayed Apon The Destructions Within
You Shall Fall To The Saw
Die By the Saw

To Decay The Souls
Of Those Apon Hells Gates
Justifing The Level
Level Of Hell
Level Of Tortue
Tortue Of Spirits

Those Who Think They Are Saved
Saved From Infestations Of Hell
Will Be The First
To Scream While There Suspended
Suspended Apon Their Own Sins
Sawed Slowly Till Screams Are Gone
Their Lifeless Body Thrown
Thrown To The Pits Of Infestation

Sawed To The Death
Thrown To The Pits
Sawed To The Death
Thrown To The Pits

Burned In Hell
Decayed Within
Death Of Souls
Sins Of Thee

These Are The Ways Of Death
Infestations Of Hell
Destructions From Within
Burned In Hell
Souls At The Gate
Sin Suspended Screams

There Is No Escape
There Is No Hiding
There Is Only Screams
Screams Of Tortered
Tortured By The Saw
Death By The Saw

To Turn Down The Destin
To Look Forth Unto Thy Death
Burn In Hells Infestations
Pits Of Tortue And Screams
Saws And Sins Suspended
Lifeless Bodys Thrown
Death Of Souls

Tortured Till Blood Is Emptied
Emptied From Your Sinfull Body
Burned In Hell
The Saw Tortues
Blood Forth By Infestation
Souls Trapped By Death
Burned In Hell

Tombs Filled With Bodies
Burned In Hell
Tombs Of The Mutilated
Mutilated By The Saw
Blood Filled Tombs
Burned In Hell

This Is The Way
The Way Of THe Saw
Sawed By Infestation
Mutilated By Death
Tortured Screams
Suspended By Sin

Burned In Hell