I did a search and I've been looking into this for a while but I haven't really made that much progress. I've looked up tons of reviews as well, I haven't gone in and tested the amps yet (which I will do). So basically I'm kinda looking for some guidance, I want an amp that will play hardcore and punk stuff. Bands like:
But still do rage against the machine, led zeppelin, I dunno. I like to learn different stuff. Cleans aren't my biggest worry though... I don't play metal either, I might learn a song or two in the future maybe but metal tones aren't a big concern either.

I've been thinking about the Vox vt30 or vt15, vypyr 30 (I hear the 15's sound pretty gross, is that true?) and the cube 30. Has anyone played both the vox vt15 and vt30, I'd like to know what the difference in sound is other than obviously the volume.. Same with the peavey vypyrs. I hope I've given all the right info, money isn't really relevant 'cause I already know all of those are within my price range.

Peavey vypyr 15 sounds fine, and has a ton of options for creating your sound. Great value for money

The Vox vt15/30 may cost a little more and have slightly fewer effects/amp models, but can get a great sound far more easily.
The Vypyr 15 doesn't sound that bad, but the 30 sounds better + it has more effects and it's compatible with the Sanpera footswitch.

The VT's aren't my personal favourite, they just don't sound really good to me.

I don't know much about the Cube, haven't played one yet, and I heard mixed things about them.

Out of those I'd get the Vypyr 30.
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The Vypyr 15 is fine if you are limited to $100 or want a really light portable amp. IMO the extras features of the 30 make it worth paying more.
Only thing I'm worried about with the vypyrs are all the stories of them being pretty bad when it comes to reliability. Some people have told me that that's mainly with their older ones and peavey have got it all together and the newer ones are fine. Anyone know about that?

Feel free to recommend other amps if you think there's one around that price that would possibly work well for my needs.
vypyr, definitely
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