do guitars with piezo pickups as well as magnetic pickups require a second output and/or a second amp?
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No you can have both the output of the magnetic pickup and piezo pickup going to the same jack. At least to my knowledge although some guitars also have a dedicated piezo output as well as a mixed output jack so it depends on however you want to set it up.
If I recall, the Piezo uses a separate output. This isn't that much of a hindrance, you can always plug the Piezo direct into the P.A.
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not a second amp.

but you might get the best results that way when looking for an acoustic sound.

some guitars like the one you described come with a stereo 1/4" jack.

The Fender/Fishman Power Bridge houses a piezo electric pickup under each string and produces an acoustic guitar sound. It’s pretty bright sounding with a lot of presence. The ¼ inch output jack is stereo if a stereo ‘Y’ cable in plugged in but will sum both the magnetic and piezo signals together when a mono ¼ inch cable is used. When in stereo the Piezo comes out the ‘RING’ side while the magnetic pickups comes out the ‘TIP’ side on the stereo cable. One thing I wish it had was a 3-way pickup type selector for switching between magnetic and piezo pickups. It requires a 9-volt battery to run the preamp and is accessible by removing a small cover on the back of the body.

sometimes you'll see an XLR jack in addition to a 1/4" jack like said.

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this was my original post in gb&c. i didnt get any replies, but, now thinking about it, i reckon it should have gone here
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my internets dying at the moment and this is about the only thing thats loading. i can google, but i cant get onto the pages my searches link to.

im a bit of a piezo noob, but i think i get vaguely how they work
obviously, there is the acousticky 'simulation' bit to it, but...

couple of questions:

i was looking at the petrucci sig with piezo and was hoping someone could explain why there two separate outputs are. the schematics say one corresponds to the magnetic pups, the other to the piezo. do you need to have two leads coming from the the guitar, in that case, in order to have moth piezo and magnetic operating at the same time?
also, is this just something that is characteristic of the jp, or is it standard of all guitars that have piezo and magnetic?

is it possible to have both outputs going into the same amp, or must they go into separate amps?

a couple of diagrams i looked up last night only had the piezo going into pa type systems. is it possible to have the magnetic going into, say, a m/b dual rec, and the piezo going into a twin reverb?

id also like to double check on using piezo with distortion (i would youtube it but my internets dead). from memory, in petrucci's demonstrations, he does switch between piezo and magnetic a couple of times - can anyone giving me an idea of how, tonally, piezo/distortion compares with magnetic/distortion? to me, it sounded a lot like switching between bridge and neck pups.

i have a nagging feeling that theres something ive forgotten to put in here. if i remember, ill update

im asking because i dont think i could find a guitar with both magnetic and piezo pups in my area, and, as i mentioned before, my internets dying.
if anyone knows of a guitar (at a shop) with magnetic and piezo pups in metro melbourne (australia), i would very much like to hear about it - purely for trying it out, im not going to buy it as im designing/planning to design a custom with everything including the kitchen sink with all possibilities covered at the moment

some of the questions have been answered now, but anything anyone has to say, im willing to listen to.

essentially, with my custom build, im looking at getting a piezo loaded (probably, depending on the outcome of this thread) floyd and maybe a fernandes sustainer in there too. the piezo floyd i know can be done, but sustainer too?
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The Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-II has a mixed magnetic/piezo output.
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my Fender Power Tele has a mixed output too. seems to work fine. especially when you want to combine it with one or more of the magnetic pickups.

EDIT: and i'd love to try the piezo with an acoustic amp. i've heard it makes a difference, but it's not necessary.
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what do people think of the tone using piezo with distortion? in general, what kind of differences do you get from using magnetics?
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lol when the piezo on my washburn tele was still wired up, i got this awesome distortion on the 5 way selector's 2nd position which im pretty sure wash piezo & bridge pup. dont know how or why but it sounded great.

as for the piezo distorted by itself, i didnt ever use it. its been several years since the piezo was in working condition so i cant tell you exactly how bad it was or even if it was terrible. you might be able to find a use for that sound though.

i still have the piezo preamp but i have no idea how to wire it up and neither does anyone else in my town. so if anyone knows anything or think they might be able to help, lemme know. i made a thread in gb&c a long time ago with photos, i could provide a link?

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You either have a dedicated jack for both normal output and piezo output or 1 jack and a switch to activate/deactivate the piezo.
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with two outputs, how do you get them going into the same amp (if possible)?

also, scratch the sustainer. i only found out about them yesterday and didnt realise it involved installing a pickup. i like my dimarzios.
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