At the student union at my university, there is a society called the School of Rock, where they have lessons for an hour and then they loan out rooms for jam sessions. I've been along a couple of weeks for the lessons, and they tend to be more beginner-type lessons, and I think a real good way for me to improve now would be to start playing with other people.

The only problem is that I'm not a huge step above beginner (although noticeably enough to not get any value from the beginner lessons), and I'm not sure what to learn for the next jam session (they tend to play more well known songs).

Would probably be a classic heavy metal track tbh, the genres im into most are power metal and instrumental rock (satriani, that kinda thing)
old black sabbath ac/dc is good if ya wanna play like joe give up any form of life dude just jam out a lot of bluesey shit its all good