i have a american strat and a marshall mg30dfx amp
i play rock metal and solo
what kind of amp settings should i have?
Um, what kind of tone are you looking for?

Do this, this is what I do every time I turn my amp on or if I change rooms:

Set all knobs to '5' (Unless it's a plexi style circuit [Your amp is not] in which case you set the knobs to '0')
Now play and listen to the amp, add middle, bass and treble frequencies to taste and voila.
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i've never had the displeasure of playing an mg. you probably want to start with bass, middle and treble right in the middle (12 o clock). Then roll the mids back a little and add bass and treble as needed. basically you have to do it cause we cant hear it and make the adjustments.

with a guitar like that you should be looking for an amp thats a bit nicer.
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in4b "best setting on an MG is off".

Do what H4T3BR33D3R says... in my experience, you might want always keep your mid lower than your trebles on the MG.

Don't turn your gain up too high (keep it below 12 o'clock) on the MG.
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