Hey I'm trying to make a kind of techno backing track to a song I'm working on. Just wondering how I can go about getting an effect similiar to 0:54 - 1:17 on this vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsRWpK4pf90 (don't ask me why I chose that particular song >.< ) where it sounds like someones slowly turning the treble .etc up in Fruity Loops. Thanks for any help!
I didnt watch the vi but Im guessing you want a low filter sweep?

chuck it on your master, automate when you want it to turn and then automate where/how you want it to sweep.
once you start using the automation tracks in FL, it really opens up new worlds of possibilities. heck, you could even just set something that actually did turn up the treble on one channel! id say start learning some automation tracks with panning and volume swells because they are able to do very obvious things to the sound, then work with more subtle stuff. its one of my favorite "tricks" to use in FL these days.