Well here goes,

I have a Schecter Omen-6 and would like to put active pickups in it. EMG 81 and 85 to be precise. My question is would they fit in the cavities and is it possible to create a recess for the battery?

That being said, do you I would be better off buying a guitar with an active pick up setup already and just swapping the EMGs into it? I'm trying to spend less that $300 on this project so any input would be valuable.
well a set of EMGs is considerably less than $300 and that's all you will need. I've put EMGs in three guitars and never had to make any additional cavities for the battery; there is probably enough room on your Schecter as well for it.

Look into the EMG-X series too, they are supposed to be slightly better and feature a solderless install kit (maybe all the new EMGs have this? not sure). Either way that would be very convenient.

They come with directions and it's not very complicated man you will be fine!
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They will fit in the cavities. It's possible to create a recess, but I unfortunately can't tell you how, for I'm a noob in handcraft. Try a guitar center, they usually do it for a cheap price.
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Try a guitar center, they usually do it for a cheap price.

Moderate price. you get what you pay for.
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Moderate price. you get what you pay for.

Well okay, I honestly don't have an idea about American ones, I'm in Germany. But everything is cheaper in the US than it is here, so I thought it might be cheap.