Poll: zoom g7.1ut or korg ax3000g?
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View poll results: zoom g7.1ut or korg ax3000g?
zoom g7.1ut
1 33%
korg ax3000g
2 67%
Voters: 3.
Zoom g7.1ut and korg ax3000g are the two options that I'm considering.
Please, recommend which is better of the two.
All opinions are much appreciated.

ax3000g will have a nice distortion IMHO, g7.1ut has a greater dynamic range (24bit). FX wise, i prefer korg reverb and zoom delay.
If you're playing into an amp, the g7.1ut will do u well, however if you're recording i would definetly go ax3000g because the the zoom cab&mic simulator leaves a lot to be desired IMHO. either pedal is a really good investment
I got the Korg 2 days ago.

It's left me feeling a little dissapointed after a £50 Digitech RP80

The expression pedal doesnt reach the under pedal switch for the switching between wah and volume control.

Its harder to use as well but probably worth mastering as it seems like a very powerful processor.

The distortions and overdrives are gig worthy

The pitch shifter/whammy is pretty awful

Its not easy to set volume levels for individual effects.

And ive never tried the Zoom
i cant talk about the g7 because it doesnt have the preamp tube like the g9 but the g9 is the best multi pedal ive ever owned (and ive owned a lot). Very warm. It has a great engl patch. I wouldnt say the whammy was good but the z function is very cool.