Ok so this is today's matchup in lead guitar tone. Ok so you know the case I'm lead guitarist etc... Dont tell its my choice I know it is butt tell me your opinion. Ok which one can give you the nicest lead tone the Mesa Boogie Mark V or the Diezel VH4. I think the Mark V. You guys choose now.

Eh, they are completely different amps. I personally like the Mark Series stuff for lead tones so Mark V for me.
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as said above they are very different amps, but the mark v has a lot more cut. There are better alternatives out there for mainly solo playing like the SLO and Cornfords so check those out.


I haven't tried any Mark series so can't comment on any of them unfortunately but the VH4 is a pretty incredible amp... If I'm being perfectly honest I'd pick a Herbert over a VH4 any day but eh.
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You again. I'd take the MKV for the lead tone although I'd take the VH4 if I could only have one amp. Somehow I doubt you've ever played these amps.
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Not a big fan of the VH4, I've heard some AWESOME clips of them, but I've still been unable to reproduce that sound on one live

That being said, going off clips, I'd go for the VH4. Going off personally experience, I'd say... get a Soldano SLO
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