Can anyone advise me on a cheap valve amp please? I am looking for a small 5w - 15w valve amp with reverb and overdrive. I've been out of the guitar loop for quite a few years so am unsure on what to buy. Ideally I'd like to spend about £100.00-£150.00 at the most. Am I being reasonable in thinking that there is something out there in this price bracket?

Thanks in advance.
mmm... off the top of my head I can't think of one with reverb. I'd recommend the Vox Ac-4TV (not 5 watts and no reverb, but a built in attenuater and they go for like £169 on gak.co.uk)

Also the fender Champion 600, but that's not as good as the AC4 imo, also has no attenuater. is cheaper though
Bugera V5, though I've no experience with it.
Bugera V5
Has everything you want plus an attentuator. If you can up your budget then I'd really advise the Vox AC4 or the Vibro Champ mentioned as it has a lot of features.