For those familiar with the riff I'm talking about (the killer riff) .... played at 150bpm (according to Guitar Pro)

What PICKING TECHNIQUE do you use to play this?? (Alternate, economy, etc)

NOTE: Everything on the 4th string is palm muted.

I don't think there is a "right" technique for it. I tend to alternate pick a lot so it works pretty good for me. I guess just do whatever works for you.
I'm not sure how you would play it, but they have a habit of making these really awesome but really technically challenging little lead lines that they use during their choruses.
Try econoy picking crossed with alt. The 4th string should be easier to mute without affecting the 3rd string, with the middle section play the 3rd string as a down stroke and 4th as an up so you pick always returns to between the 3rd and 4th strings.
Other wise slow it down to like 100bpm and work up to the speed once you have your hands playing it then its just a case of speeding it up.

EDIT: just gave it a go, try hammering some notes even if it doesnt say so, i found that at the speed i wasnt picking every note but hammering some. remember tabs are guidelines you can always change posistions of how its played or picking styles.
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